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About Hot Tub Installation
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About Hot Tub Installations

Where can my hot tub be installed?

We require a flat level base to sit the hot tub on; this can be slabbed, concrete, blocks, decking or any firm hard standing. We can place on loose stone chippings providing they are small and compacted. Grassed areas are not ideal but can be used. Great care must be taken not to get grass or soil in the water as this will spoil the enjoyment. We can provide a foam flooring to stop any foreign objects cutting or piercing the tubs or spas if we feel appropriate. Although our hire tubs are 1800mm diameter they need a minimum space of 2300mm for safety. You must ensure that there is sufficient access to get the spa into your chosen space.

We can install your hot tub on most flat and firm surfaces

We can install your hot tub on most flat and firm surfaces

Access area required

We are usually able to deliver your hot tub wherever you want it. However, it is always important to check the following before placing your order. We can usually manouevre your hot tub over any concrete fence panel areas, providing the fence panels themselves are removed. We also need straight runs (i.e. no sharp bends to go round) unless there is at least a 2-metre radius or space around the bend itself. If you are in any doubt, you can simply email us a photograph of the area between the road and the ideal tub location. If still unsure, you can contact us first.

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We are always delighted to answer any questions about our products and services here at Hot Tub Celebrations. So why not email us for a quote? You can also call our landline on 0161 330 5993. Or you can call us on our mobiles; Eric on 07858 304569 or Kathryn on 07969 678183. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Click NOW to hire one of our hot tubs from just £185 per weekend!


"Excellent service. Hot tub arrived this weekend. Eric set it all up and explained everything I needed to know. Would definitely recommend and will definitely be hiring from here again. Thank you..."
Rachel Crossland Brownhill

"If anyone is ever looking for a treat for themselves, then seriously consider Eric & Graham and their hot tubs! Hired one for a week over New Year and was superb.... Top chaps too! Will defo be hiring again!"
Dan Sumner

"Sumptuous luxury!"
Martin Clegg

"Great for parties!"
Jayne Bodgers

"Just spent the day in one of the hot tubs... Fantastic!"
Sarah Louise Clegg

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Click NOW to hire one of our hot tubs from just £185 per weekend!

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